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Lone Oak Facility Rental Request

Thank you for your interest in using the athletic facilities of Lone Oak ISD. We are very proud of our facilities and we take the responsibility of their ongoing care seriously. The rising cost of energy used to operate our facilities along with our growing student population, creates a unique challenge for maintaining our facilities. It is our goal to provide the citizens of Lone Oak ISD and other relevant parties a quality experience whenever our facilities are used for non-school purposes. It is our hope that you will enjoy the facilities available to you and recognize that safe, proper usage of school property is in the best interest of everyone in our community.

If you, your team, or your organization is interested in utilizing an LOISD facility, please complete the Rental Request below which will be sent to Lone Oak ISD Athletic Director, Logan Turner, upon completion. Please be sure to read the Lone Oak ISD Athletic Facilities Usage Guidelines & Fee Schedule below. A response can be expected within 3-5 business days. 



Lone Oak ISD has implemented new requirements and fees pertaining to reservation and usage of its facilities effective January 1, 2022. The information on the following pages contains all pertinent guidelines needed to schedule a District facility. Additional forms may be needed to complete a facility usage request.


  •  Athletic facilities* (Gyms only)

All facilities used by outside parties require one or more district employees to manage an event. Some facilities may not be available during the school year.

*Athletic facility usage may be limited, especially during the regular school year.


All individuals or organizations using Lone Oak ISD facilities must follow all provisions as outlined in District Policy. The district shall make certain exceptions and permit non-school use of designated facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities  when these activities do not conflict with school use or with these policies. Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the District shall always have priority when any use is scheduled. The principal and/or athletic directors shall have the authority to cancel any non-school use if an unexpected conflict arises with a district activity.

1. Request for non-school use of athletic facilities shall be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis through the Athletic Director's office. Requests may be made in advance in writing, by email, or in person using the district’s facility usage form.

The Athletic Director will notify all applicants requesting a facility of the status of their request. Requests for facility usage must be submitted at least two weeks in advance and not more than 90 days in advance. 

2. Use of school facilities shall not be allowed for the purpose of advancing any doctrine subversive to the Constitution or laws of the State of Texas or of the United States, for promotion of private profit-making enterprises, or for entertainment that may be detrimental to the building, furniture, or equipment.

3. School facilities may be used without charge by Parent-Teacher Associations, Lone Oak ISD Booster Clubs, and youth associations formed for the improvement and betterment of local communities if the meetings are properly supervised and chaperoned. Fees may be assessed for the use of certain district facilities to recover utility and custodial expenses.

4. Any organization or individual approved for a non-school use of District facilities shall be required to complete a written rental agreement indicating receipt and understanding of these guidelines and applicable administrative regulations. Acknowledgement that the District is not liable for any personal injury or damages to personal property related to the nonschool use is also required.

5. All groups using school facilities shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damages incurred during use and shall be required to repay the District for the cost of any such repairs. All facilities are expected to be left in a clean and orderly manner at the end of use. Failure to keep the facility clean and damages caused to the property may result in forfeiture of future usage. A damage deposit fee of $1000 may be required.

6. The use, sale, or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, and tobacco products or any other illegal behaviors while using school property are strictly prohibited.

7. In addition to the rental fee, any group or individual must pay for a lighting operator, sound operator, stage, manager, maintenance and clean up, school employee designated to open/close, plus any other crew the school feels necessary for proper operation of the equipment and building. Only school approved personnel will be allowed to operate any equipment in the gyms at Lone Oak ISD. Exceptions may be approved upon review by Athletic Director for specific facilities.

8. Payment of all applicable fees must be made in advance of the scheduled event at the time the rental agreement is signed. Failure to make payment in advance will result in forfeiture of a facility reservation. Minimum charge for all rentals is 3 hours regardless of clock time used. Renter is responsible for all fees associated with the actual clock time used by the renter such as early arrival or late departure of participants. Payment for any additional charges will be due upon receipt of notice from the District.

9. Unless prior arrangements have been made for long-term rentals, ALL facilities for all events must be opened and closed by LOISD employee designated for the event.

10. Lone Oak ISD does not provide items such as extension cords, power strips, computers, projectors, or other similar equipment. All district equipment is not available for use without prior approval at the time of the rental agreement and must be used under the supervision of appropriate LOISD personnel.

11. Scheduled use of practice fields by youth sports associations during after school practices or games will not be the responsibilities of LOISD. Use of those fields should be coordinated by the leaders of such leagues with copies of schedules shared with the Athletic Director. Usage priority will always go to Lone Oak Youth Sports programs.

13. Non-school participants, sponsors, spectators and visitors may not walk through or use any other part of a building or its grounds, use any school equipment, materials, athletic equipment, furnishings, etc. unless specifically requested and approved for use in writing according to the rental agreement. Only restrooms closest to the approved area may be used.

14. Security and/or police protection may be required for events. The renter will pay this fee.

15. Lone Oak ISD reserves the right to determine which facility meets the needs of the renter and the District. The District also reserves the right to require staff to be present during the rental period. If required, the renter will pay the District for staff costs at a fee established by the District. The applicants shall be responsible for proper supervision of the facility and the care and maintenance of the facility so authorized for use. Liability insurance may be required from the renters at the discretion of the superintendent of schools.